Anti-communist partisans – the freedom fighters

Originally posted on Romania ~ a beautiful corner of Europe:

One of partisan Toma Arnautoiu’s found notes said: “I am the metal from a world turned to dust / I am the eternal echo of a world long gone”

Spiru Blanaru: ” I would like for everyone to know what we went through and what were our conditions of life and the chances of victory over communism. We reconciled with the thought that we’ll have to die eventually.”

Communism – by far the darkest period in Romania’s history, which was always a history of struggle to begin with.

Romania’s stance had been fiercely against it since the 1917 Bolshevik takeover of Russia. In fact, communism had never been popular despite its spread all over Europe after 1919, and it was only in circumstances facilitated by war and chaos that it eventually managed to forcefully install itself in European countries in 1945. The first 15 years after the end of the war were the most brutal and oppressive, marked by arrests, executions, confiscation of all goods from citizens. It was a period when the authorities, most of them made up of alien elements, were teaching a society resentful of communism – how to give in and obey.

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